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Reverse Osmosis Membranes

At Water Componenets SA, we carry a wide range of reverse osmosis membranes to cover every application, from large scale industrial plants to domestic ouder counter purification systems.
We are the sole distributor of Dow FilmTec™ membranes in South Africa. From use in brackish water purification to specialty separations, elements in the FilmTec™ portfolio achieve high, yet cost-effective, performance through their ability to:

  • Tolerate a wide range of operating conditions
  • Operate very efficiently at lower pressures
  • Maintain excellent structural and pH stability
  • Resist bacterial growth
  • Produce excellent membrane flux and salt rejection

RO membranes available

  • Tap water membranes
  • Extra low energy membranes
  • Brackish membranes
  • Low energy membranes
  • Seawater membranes
  • Full-fit elements
  • Nanofiltration membranes
  • Brine seals
  • Membrane spares
  • Puricom membranes
  • Fluxtec membranes
  • Solewater membranes

Product Code & Description

TW30-1812-5050 GPD membrane
BW60-1812-7575 GPD membrane
TW60-1812-75Aqualast 75 GPD membrane
TW30-1812-100100 GPD membrane
TW30-25212.5" Tap water membrane
TW30-25402.5" Tap water membrane
TW30-40404" Tap water membrane
TW30-4021Tap water membrane
XLE-25212.5" Extra low energy membrane
XLE-25402.5" Extra low energy membrane
XLE-40404" Extra low energy membrane
XLE-4408" Extra low energy membrane
XLE-4021Extra low energy membrane
BW30-25402.5" Brackish membrane
BW30-40404" Brackish membrane
BW30-4008" High rejection brackish water membrane
ECO-PRO4008" High rejection brackish membrane at low pressure
ECO-PRO4408" High rejection brackish membrane at low pressure
BW30-400FR8" Fouling resistant membrane
BW30-3658" High rejection brackish water membrane
BW30-365FR8" Fouling resistant membrane
LE-40404" Low energy membrane
LC LE-4040Large commercial low energy 4040 membrane
LE-4008" Low energy membrane
LE-440I8" Low energy (ilec) membrane
SW30-25212.5" Seawater membrane
SW30-25402.5" Seawater membrane
SW30-40404" Seawater membrane
SW30HRLE-40404" High rejection low energy seawater membrane
SW30HRLE-4008" High rejection low energy seawater membrane
HSRO 390-FF8" Heat sanitize membrane
NF90-2540Nanofiltration membrane
NF90-4040Nanofiltration membrane
NF90-400Nanofiltration membrane
NF270-2540Nanofiltration membrane
NF270-4040Nanofiltration membrane
NF270-400Nanofiltration membrane
Brine seal - 2.5"For 2.5" membranes
Brine seal - 4"For 4" membranes
Brine seal - 8"For 8" membranes
427772.5" and 4" membrane interconnector
CE3012-300300GPD membrane to fit Puricom housing
TW2412-300300 GPD membrane for FE-300 & FE-600
TW2012-200GPD200 GPD membrane for FE-800
ULP3020Membrane for standard 20" housing
FTR06-1Sole water 300 GPD (300 GPD membrane)

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