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Washable Mesh Filter Cartridges

Washable mesh filter cartridges are assembled using a sturdy polypropylene caged body that has nylon mesh attached to it. These filters are efficient in removing rust or scale particles that may block nozzles or clog valves. Maintenance is simple as the filter can be removed from the housing and then rinsed under running water ensuring extended use. The washable mesh filters are useful in maintaining the lifespan of other filters downstream.

Materials of Construction

  • Mesh material: Nylon
  • Body material: Polypropylene
  • Gasket: PVC


  • Structurally sturdy with a polyrpoylene cage
  • Nylon mesh effectively removes rust & scale particles
  • Simple removal & maintenance assists in extending service life
  • Service live of filters downstream is increased


  • 1st filtration level for drinking and comercial water
  • Sand filters
  • Pool filters
  • Domestic garden water
  • Reverse Osmosis filter systems
  • Well water pump filter

Product Code & Description

MN10-10010" Washable nylon 100 mesh filter

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