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Industrial Reverse Osmosis Systems

Our range of industrial RO systems are designed to manage feedwater conditions with TDS < 2000 ppm with a typical salt rejection of 95 - 99%.
Quality SS304 Steel frame construction for durability and strength with control box for system automation which includes necessary instrumentation to monitor operation.
DOW Filmtec membranes are used to ensure the highest quality purification standards.
Production capacities range from 250LPH to 3000LPH

Product Code & Description

LPRO-B16-1500Complete industrial RO unit 250lts/hr production with
1 x 4040 Filmtec membrane4040 Filmtec membrane
LPRO-B16-3000Complete industrial RO unit 500lts/hr production with
2 x 4040 Filmtec membranes4040 Filmtec membranes
LPRO-B16-6000Complete industrial RO unit 1000lts/hr production with
4 x 4040 Filmtec membranes
LPRO-B412-9000Complete industrial RO unit 1500lts/hr production with
6 x 4040 Filmtec membranes
LPRO-B412-12000Complete industrial RO unit 2000lts/hr production with
8 x 4040 Filmtec membranes
LPRO-B412-18000Complete industrial RO unit 3000lts/hr production with
12 x 4040 Filmtec membranes

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