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KDF Filter Media

KDF process media are granules that are high-purity copper-zinc that reduce contaminants in water through oxidation/reduction (redox) reaction. KDF process media effectively removes chlorine, iron and hydrogen sulfide found in point-of-entry municipal water supply treatments. KDF process media reduces heavy metals and controls microorganisms in potable water without the need for chemicals. KDF process media is ideal for economical systems and installations due to the tank size requirements of the media.


  • Highly effective agent for the removal of chlorine in point-of-use treament for municipal water supplies
  • Effectively removes iron, heavy metals & hydrogen sulphide
  • Controls microoganisms in potable water without the need of chemicals
  • Does not require large tanks for high flow rates


  • Residential (whole house)
  • Commercial
  • Institutional
  • Light industrial buildings and facilities

Product Code & Description

KDFGenuine USA KDF55

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