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Inline, Panel Mount & Digital Flow Meters

Variable flow meters are frequently used in military, aerospace, chemical, petrochemical, water treatment, and waste treatment industries.
The flow meters have scale lengths of 150mm and 250mm, providing accuracies to ±1% of flow rate. Materials of construction are available for the most corrosive process applications.
The variable flow meter line can be mounted in-line or as a panel installation.

Product Code & Description

Z-30000.1-1.4lts/min Panel mount
Z-30011-7lts/min Panel mount
Z-30021.8-18lts/min Panel mount
Z-30035-40lts/min Panel mount
Z-300410-60lts/min Panel mount
Z5015-1-101-10lts/min 1/2" Male connection
Z5015-3-303-30lts/min 1/2" Male connection
Z5025-3-303-30lts/min 3/4" Female connection
Z5050-20-18020-180lts/min 2" Female connection (Glue)
Z5065-80-40080-400lts/min 2 1/2" Female connection
Z5032-5-5050-50lts/min 1" Female connection (NPT)
Z5615-1/23-30lts/min 1/2" Male connection
Z5615-3/43-30lts/min 3/4" Male connection
Z56255-50lts/min 3/4" Female connection (NPTF)
Z5625 8-80F8-80lts/min 3/4" Female connection (NPTF)
Z5632 8-808-80lts/min 1" Female connection (NPTF)
Z5650-20-20020-200lts/min Glue
Z5650-30-30030-300lts/min Glue
Z5650-50-50050-500lts/min Glue
Z5650-80-800G80-800lts/min Glue
Z5065-200-1000200-1000lts/min 2 1/2" Female connection Glue
LZS-10020-120 m3/hr DIN 100 flange

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