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Spare Control Boxes & Ballasts

Find all control boxes & ballasts for UV sterilisers here.

About UV Sterlisers

Ultraviolet sterilizers use ultraviolet (UV) light to kill bacteria and micro-organisms in water that passes through the system. Water from a source such as a stream or a borehole is unlikely to be micro-biologically safe so a UV system may be employed to obtain bacteria-free drinking water from a private, non-mains water supply.
We supply a wide variety of ultraviolet systems on the market, from small, low cost, low wattage systems with plastic housings to large stainless steel units. Where very high capacities are required the larger systems are available by special order or off the peg systems can be connected in sequence or in parallel.

Product Code & Description

CBOX 480/720Spare control box for HC480 and HC720 UV
CBOX EB24Spare control box for EB24 UV
CBOX EB45Spare control box for EB45 UV
CBOX EB150Spare control box for EB150
UV-3Electronic ballast for HC-120
UV-6Electronic ballast for HC-480 and HC-720
UV6-CElectronic ballast for HC-480 and HC-720 control box
UV-8Electronic ballast for EB24/EB45
D24.5 O RINGViton O ring for UV

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