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AFM® Activated Filter Media

AFM® is a highly engineered filtration media that will effectively remove oxidized metals like iron and manganese from water without the need for regeneration. AFM is ideal for use where flocculation cannot be used. AFM is extremely efficient and can remove particles down to 1 micron with an effectiveness of 95% & excellent stability providing a filtration barrier that is able to retain particles and parasites.
We are the sole distributor of AFM® in South Africa.

Materials of Construction

AFM is manufactured from green container glass, it is crushed and processed to achieve the optimum particle size and shape. The surface area is then increased by 300 times when activated. AFM is also self-sterilizing because it has permanent metal oxide catalysts that create a high redox potential. The large surface area has a strong negative charge that absorbs organics and small particles.


  • Highly engineered fliter media
  • Retains up to 95% of particles down to 1 micron
  • Removes iron and manganese from the water
  • No regeneration required


  • Drinking water
  • Filtration prior to membranes and desalination
  • Pool filters
  • Aquarium life support systems
  • Tertiary treatment of waste water

Product Code & Description

Code Description
AFM10000AFM Filter media 0.25 - 0.5mm (grade 0)
AFM10001AFM Filter media 0.4-1.0mm (grade 1)
AFM10002AFM Filter media 1.0-2.0mm (grade 2)
AFM10003AFM Filter media 2.0-4.0mm (grade 3)

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