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Domestic RO Pumps

We have a wide variety of domestic RO Pumps and Adapters, designed and developed in strict conformation with the various quality norms.

Product Code & Description

RO-102PStandard pump for domestic RO-102
RO-102TTransformer for above
FE-115PLF-30L Standard pump for domestic FE-125
FE-115TTransformer 24V/220V/1.2A for above
RO-116PHigh flow pump for domestic RO-116
RO-116TTransformer for above
FE-300PHF-50L double head pump for domestic FE-300PD & FE-800GPD (2x pumps)
FE-300TTransformers 36V/220V/2A for FE-300P & FE800GPD (x2)
FE-600PHF-600 double head pump for domestic FE-600PD & FE-600GPD
FE-600TTransformer 48V/220V/5A for FE-600PD & FE-600GPD
CE8-115PUP-6000 pump 24V DC for CE8
CE8-115TTransformer for UP-6000 220V/24V 1A
CE5-300PUP-9100 pump 24V DC for CE5
CE5-300TTransformer for UP-9100 220V/24V 4.2A

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