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Ultra Violet Sterilizers

Ultraviolet sterilizers use ultraviolet (UV) light to kill bacteria and micro-organisms in water that passes through the system. Water from a source such as a stream or a borehole is unlikely to be micro-biologically safe so a UV system may be employed to obtain bacteria-free drinking water from a private, non-mains water supply.


  • Cleans water and kill bacteria such as E.Coli and parasites such as Cryptosporidium and Giardia
  • Can be added onto existing whole house water filter systems
  • Is simple and easy to install and maintain
  • Is a well-known addition to water filtration systems in domestic, commercial and industrial practices
  • Is essential after filtration for purifying water that has been exposed to contaminants causing diseases such as Salmonella, Polio, cysts, flu, dysentery, meningitis, typhoid fever, hepatitis and various other conditions

Product Code & Description

HC-120450lts/hr, 14 Watt, 1/4" Female
HC-4801800lts/hr, 29 Watt, 1/2" Male without control box
HC-480-B1800lts/hr, 29 Watt, 1/2" Male with control box
HC-7202720lts/hr, 40 Watt, 3/4" Male
EB-245450lts/hr, 85 Watt, 1 1/2" Male
EB-4510200lts/hr, 85 Watt x2, 2" Male
EB-15015000lts/hr. 85 Watt x3, 2 1/2"

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