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Birm® Filter Media

Birm is a granular filter media for reducing iron and manganese from water supplies. A dense granular filter media, black in colour and produced by impregnating Manganous salts to an Aluminium Silicate core and can be used in gravity-fed or pressurized water treatment systems. Birm media enhances the reaction between Dissolved Oxygen and Iron/Manganese by acting as an insoluble stimulant, oxidizing the precipitate into larger particles so they can be removed by a filter. The oxidized particles are then strained out of the water through the media and will eventually coat the surface of the Birm media.


  • Low maintenanice with no chemicals or regeneration required under ideal conditions
  • Extremely efficient iron removal
  • Cost effective requiring only periodic baskwashing
  • Tough material with a wide temperature range and long service life


  • Drinking water
  • Filtration prior to membranes and desalination
  • Pool filters
  • Aquarium life support systems
  • Tertiary treatment of waste water

Product Code & Description

BIRMIron removal media

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