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Siliphos Scale Removal Media

Siliphos is a soluble, sodium hexametaphosphate sphere with excellent treatment effects against scale and corrosion causing properties of water. An extremely economical and reliable water treatment system for potable and industrial water. Siliphos forms a protective layer of iron-calcium-phosphates on the inner surfaces of pipes, water tanks and elements preventing the formation of scale by releasing polyphosphates into the water that also interfere with crystal growth.
The Siliphos spheres are added to water treatment systems through a filter housing, where the spheres are dissolved away as water flows over them. Known as a sequestering agent that 'ties up' the hardness of water and renders it harmless, preventing the formation of brown water caused by oxidation of the iron pipes. Siliphos components are made up of 100% pure food-grade material and are not dangerous or harmful in any way.


  • Prevents 'brown'or 'red' water
  • Stops corrosion of plumbing and bathroom fixtures
  • Eliminates hardness scaling
  • Saves costs on plumbing and installation repairs
  • Forms a protective layer on the inside of pipes and metal parts


  • Hotels
  • Public buildings
  • Private households
  • Industry

Product Code & Description

SILIPHOSSiliphos / Hexameta Phosphate mix

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