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Conductivity Meters & Controllers

Conductivity Controllers are high-performance digital indicating, dual setpoint, ON/OFF controllers for conductivity, that use a temperature compensated conductivity probe.

Product Code & Description

CCT320A-01Conductivity monitor range 0-200ppm with stainless steel probe
CCT320A-1Conductivity monitor range 0-2000ppm with plastic probe
CCT320A-10Conductivity monitor range 0-20 000ppm with graphite probe
CON1134-131.0cm-1 plastic sensor for CCT320A-1
CON2136-1310.0cm-1 graphite sensor for CCT320A-10
B&A-TDSBefore & after battery powered TDS meter with quick
connect fittings (one display)
OS3020-230Industrial RO PC controller
SR25-1Conductivity probe for OS3020
SR25-1UHFitting to fit SR25-1 inline
ROC-2315Single stage RO controller with probe range 0-2000
ORP-7500ORP meter +/- 0-1999mV with sensor and 10m cable
ROC-2015RO programmer controller without sensor
PH-7500PH meter 0-14pH with sensor and 10m cable
CCT-8320RO controller with 2 sensors in 0-4000 out 2-200

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