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Ceramic Filter Cartridges

Ceramic filter cartridges are used for drinking water filtration by using tiny pores on a ceramic surface to filter bacteria and sediment while leaving the oxygen and mineral content unchanged. Ceramic filters are environmentally friendly due to there natural media and economical because the filters can be removed, cleaned and reused. Water Components South Africa offers 2 types of ceramic filters, the double open-ended (DOE) ceramic filter, and the DOE carbon-impregnated ceramic filter. These filters reduce bad taste and odor while removing harmful bacteria and particles from the water.

Materials of construction:

  • Ceramic filter media: Diatomaceous earth and inorganic antibacterial agents
  • Ceramic carbon filter media: Diatomaceous earth mixed with activated carbon


  • Reduces bad taste, odor, sediment & asbestos
  • Removes harmful barteria such as E. coli,Fecal Coliform, Salmonella, Streptococcus & cysts
  • Ceramic carbon filters reduce chlorine & 99.9% of the smallest particles
  • Economical & environmentally friendly
  • Extended service life


  • Pre-filter for RO membrane protection
  • Post filtration
  • Gravity filtration
  • Low pressure systems
  • Water treatment

Product Code & Description

50250FDOE ceramic filter for 10" housing 50mm diameter
B-65250FDOE carbon impregnated ceramic filter 10" 65mm diameter

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